Introduction of New Algeria Tourist Visa On-Arrival

Algeria, which aims to develop Saharan tourism, has taken a new measure to facilitate the entry of foreign tourists in its territory.

The promise to relax the conditions for granting visas to foreign tourists was made Saturday, December 10 by the Minister of Tourism, Yacine Hamadi, at the launch of the festival of Saharan Tourism in Ghardaïa. It became a reality this Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

The news was announced by the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government in a statement published on its Facebook page. Algeria has decided to introduce an entry visa for foreign tourists who “want to visit the south of the country” as part of the “promotion of Saharan tourism,” according to the statement.

Algeria introduces a special tourist visa

Algeria has taken the decision to “give the opportunity to foreign tourists wishing to make tourist trips in the south of the country with approved national travel agencies to receive a visa directly at their entry to border crossings, including in the southern airports and land border crossings, instead of the usual procedure for obtaining a visa to enter Algeria,” said the statement of the Ministry of Interior.

According to the release, tourism agencies must introduce all data relating to travel and foreign tourists at an electronic platform accessible at the local directorates of tourism and crafts.

Foreign tourists will receive a document issued by their travel agencies to be able to board planes at the airports of departure to Algeria, adds the same source. TourAlgeria can assist in the retrieval of said documents. Please reach out to us if you are planning a trip to Algeria.

Once arrived in Algeria, these tourists will benefit from a visa called regularization whose duration is the same as that of their tourist stay, explains the Ministry of the Interior which ensures that the local authorities will provide the necessary means for the smooth running of tourist trips.

The difficulties of obtaining a visa for Algeria are among the main obstacles to the development of tourism in the country.

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